Safe danger
Everyone knows that in order to stay competitive in today’s world, organizations need to be bold and take risks. At the same time, most leaders are afraid of taking such risks because they think the consequences of that not working out may far outweigh the benefits they might get if that works out.

But taking risks doesn’t need to be dangerous.

Using skydiving, glasswalking, sword juggling, among other “dangerous” stunts, Hélio will give your audience insights that will inspire them to be bolder, and take bigger risks while making sure they minimize any collateral damage in case their plans don’t quite work out as planned.

This presentation is great for corporate events where you want your leaders to “speak up” and share their ideas to tackle a problem or set bolder visions for their teams. It is also great for events where you want your audience to embrace new ideas that might seem “risky” and conferences focused on creating disruption and innovation.

The wave
Is your industry or organization about to suffer a big hit or go through a tough time?

Or are you celebrating a great year and your top performers?

In this high-energy presentation, Hélio shares tools and strategies your audience will be able to use to capitalize as much as possible on the positive momentum and prepare and lead through challenging times so they can get out of it as fast as possible.

Your audience will get insights into teamwork, self-leadership, preparation, momentum, and other key concepts that will help them get the most out of the highs and go a lot quicker through the lows of business and life.

extreme leadership
Challenging times requires a different kind of leadership.

Leading in a stressful environment requires leaders to be calm, and most importantly, create a sense of safety that allow those being led to perform at their best.

Learning how to remain calm in stressful situations, how to make others feel safe, make decisions based on logic instead of fear are just a few things your audience will get from this presentation.

After this presentation, your audience will be able to lead in the most chaotic environments with ease. Plus, they will be having the time of their lives by actually performing some daring stunts themselves.

tailor made keynotes
Do you need a different motivational or leadership message but want to bring Hélio’s energy, engagement and proven track-record to your event?

Hélio has a great expertise in creating customized presentations to fit perfectly each event.

Just let us know on the form below what you are looking for and he will personally get in touch with you with a unique keynote idea that will WOW your audience.

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