Hélio Vogas


London motivational speaker

Hélio Vogas


London motivational speaker



The wow effect
Hélio presentations are like no other.  He performs many breathtaking stunts on stage such as extinguishing a torch with his bare hands, throwing a sword spinning into the air and catching it a few inches from his head, and much more. And the times he involves the audience are just as impressive. He teaches an audience member to tear a phonebook in half, gets the whole room doing the wave, and other amazing demonstrations. All of this to entertain the audience while delivering powerful messages they will remember and act upon long after your event is over.
Great experience

on and off-stage

Hélio isn’t a prima-donna … he won’t send you a rider with hundreds of demands on it.

The only thing Hélio needs is a hands-free mic (so he can perform great demonstrations).

He brings with him all the material for the demonstrations so you don’t have to worry about anything.

For your peace of mind, Hélio always keeps you in the loop, flies a day before your event to ensure he will be there on time and always has a plan B in case you need to rearrange the schedule on the last minute, need an extra keynote because a speaker is missing, etc.

After his presentation, he hangs out with the audience members, answers questions they might have and connects with them on a personal level.

Highly customized presentation

Hélio won’t just get there and deliver a cookie-cutter presentation…

… He dedicates a great amount of time learning about the audience, their challenges, their goals and opportunities. He also interviews you and other stakeholders to ensure the message and the presentation style is a perfect match for your event.