Hélio Vogas

Hélio is the type of motivational speaker whom will get your audience to feel energized, motivated and ready to take over the world.

Hélio has spoken from local business breakfast groups to TEDx and the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, Austria. From students assemblies to audiences of C-level executives of Fortune 500 companies.

He uses eye-catching demonstrations, humorous interactions with the audience and high energy moments to drive the message home and make it memorable and inspire action.

With science-backed and business-proven tips and strategies explained in an interactive and engaging way, Hélio will give the tools your audience needs to become more effective, in a way they will remember and apply!

Hélio uses his background in accelerated learning and as a business owner to ensure all his presentations are easy to learn and applicable in real life. He uses his experience in martial arts, extreme sports and stunts to give your audience insights to business that most other speakers just can’t.

Fire, swords, and some adrenaline are just a few things you can expect your audience to experience when you bring Hélio to your event.

On a personal side: Hélio currently lives in Germany with his wife and daughter and loves spending time with them. He is keen to study Judeo-Christian theology and on his spare time, if weather allows, he loves skydiving.

Watch Hélio in action