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Discover how Hélio Vogas can help your audience to take bolder risks,  lead better through turbulent times or simply motivate and add that WOW factor to Conference.

Hélio Vogas

Hélio Vogas is a renowned keynote speaker with a passion for Leadership and Risk Management. With years of experience speaking at international conferences, Hélio has inspired thousands with his dynamic presentations. He has spoken at organizations such as the UN, the Society of Local Council Clerks, the Public Services People Managers Association, and many others. Hélio’s unique approach combines practical insights with engaging stunts, ensuring that every audience leaves with actionable takeaways.

Michaela Woods - HSBC

Scary, exhilarating but most of all amazing!

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Speaking Engagement Fee Range

£4,000 to £7,000 + Travel Costs

Speaking Topics

Leading Through Crisis

This talk will help your audience to better lead a multi-generational workforce, get out of the silo mentality and find ways to collaborate with other departments to solve recurrent/difficult issues, think clearly in chaotic days and have an adaptive leadership style (as in, the majority of the time being authentic/charismatic leaders but when a situation requires, rising to the occasion and apply a more authoritative leadership style).

Innovation & Change Management

This talk will inspire your audience to adopt new strategies/technologies while creating a “safety net” that allows for more innovation to take place.

It touches heavily on the need to prepare for the worst-case scenarios via drills and knowledge-sharing and the importance of giving it all during the adoption process. This is to avoid poor implementation and therefore bigger issues later on which could cause big headaches or even the abandonment of the new technology/strategy.

Motivational & Burnout Prevention

This talk focuses on increasing performance while decreasing the risk of burnout. Hélio will help your audience with strategies to be more focused on the task at hand while letting go for a while of those “really important issues” that can’t be handled at the moment. He will also show them the importance of active relaxation in the burnout prevention and teach them how they can create their own active relaxation strategy that will allow them to recover for the next day according to how stressful that particular day turned out to be..


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